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Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Natural wonders in Switzerland

Switzerland’s awe-inspiring natural beauty makes it a dream destination for anyone. Formidable mountain peaks, glaciers, alpine lakes, verdant valleys attract millions of visitors every year. Although almost every corner in Switzerland is breathtakingly beautiful, there are several very special natural wonders that stand out.

Aletsch Glacier
Aletsch Glacier

Europe’s longest glacier, this living reminder of the Ice Age is 23km long and 900m thick holding up to 27 billion tonnes of ice. You do not need to be an experienced alpinist to reach this natural wonder, just hop on a cable car in Bettmerhorn and be prepared to be awestruck by the glacier’s immensity. 

Rhine Falls

Located on the Upper Rhine, the Rhine Falls are the largest in Europe pushing more than 700,000 litres of water each second in the peak season from the height of 23 metres. You can stand on a platform nearby and hold your breath in awe watching the waters roar past you or, if you wish to get closer to this natural wonder, take a boat trip to the island in the middle of the falls.

Rhine Falls
Lauterbrunnen Valley

The ethereal beauty of this glacial valley in the heart of the Alps inspired J.R. Tolkien's Rivendell and Middle Earth. Flanked by sheer cliffs, the valley is only one kilometre wide but over three kilometres deep. It is famous for its 72 waterfalls cascading from the mountains. The most spectacular ones are the Staubbach Falls, the highest free-falling waterfall in Europe, and the Trümmelbach Falls that carved its way inside a mountain. 

Öeschinensee Lake
Oeschinensee Lake

Locals in Kandersteg will tell you that that Öeschinensee is the most beautiful lake in the Alps. Its turquoise waters reflect the steep, most over 3000m, snow-capped peaks that surround it. To get to the lake hop on the chairlift and then walk a few kilometres. The higher you climb the more arresting the views are.

Photos via Flickr by: Pierre-Alain Maire, Denis Costa, Bauke Karel.

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