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Thursday, April 16, 2015



Lugano is the 9th biggest city of Switzerland. Very touristic, it is often considered as a city from the “Mediterranean Switzerland” due to its mild climate and its location on the northern bay of the lake Lugano. Lugano also offers wonderful landscape composed of the Alps and the quiet lake of Lugano and is at the same time the 3rd financial city after Zurich and Geneva.
With only a population of 55.000 people, Lugano has an airport and is well connected to the other financial cities of Switzerland and any other cities.

What to see at the The Lugano - Ticino Tour

Enjoy water sports while at Lugano. Water skiing, jet skiing, boat tours and a lot other sports can be explored here. While the Alps give you a reminder of the fact that you are in Switzerland, everything else gives you a feeling as if you were in some Mediterranean city. Apart from that, visitors also do get attracted to Lugano for its mild weather and awe inspiring landscape along with a serene view of the lake Lugano. Many refer to the 9th biggest city of Switzerland as “Mediterranean Switzerland”. Yet another factor that gives Lugano its Mediterranean feel is the colors of the buildings at large as well as the architecture. Complementing that ambiance is the subtropical vegetation that adorns the city parks.

If you thought the considerably small population was a cause of worry in terms of transport, then you don’t need to be anxious at all. Lugano has an airport and is well connected to Switzerland’s other cities. A majority of the population of Lugano is Italian speaking because of which the city is known to be one of the biggest Italian speaking cities outside Italy. If you are one of the more quiet indoor-loving visitors, then you can admire San Salvatore and Bre summits from the city.

Museum Cantonale D’Arte

While you can enjoy a peaceful or fun time in the city parks, you can also visit this museum which exhibits great works of art regularly. Museum Cantonale d’Arte displays the work of genius of figures like, Degas, Renoir and even Jawlensky.

Parco San Grato

While you can enjoy a spectacular view of the lake, you can also admire the beautiful flowers in this botanical garden. Parco San Grato may be a little in the outskirts of the city but is worth a visit.

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